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Matt Smith Live Q&A

Matt Smith and Executive Producer Caroline Skinner are taking part in a Doctor Who Q&A session today from the London Comic Con. The event will be streaming live on Youtube from 4pm.

The player below will be updated with the stream automatically at 4pm.

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Fan Trek: LCARS At Home, Enterprise Z, GeekChicDaily

Star Trek fan-made creations abound in the world, and two of them, a home automation computer modeled after the LCARS Star Trek interface and an RC Zeppelin Enterprise have appeared on YouTube recently. Plus – friend GeekChicDaily for a chance at free Star Trek swag!

Dutch Star Trek fan Pascal vd Heiden (klapstoelpiloot on YouTube) has built his own home automation computer and uploaded the results to YouTube. “This is what I built in my home and this video is my own work,” he said. “Both the computer and the software is self-made. The interface is inspired by the LCARS interface from Star Trek.”

The video shows some of the functions included on this computer, including: agenda/calendar, shopping list, rain radar, train departure times, library and media player (connected to his home cinema set), Internet browser, and bluetooth support (to send MP3s or the shopping list to his telephone).

There is no control for his home lights though. Why? “Because the needed hardware costs a lot and the light switch next to the door is more practical in the end anyway,” said Pascal. “Maybe some day I will add it just because it’s cool.”

Another fun fan-made creation is the Enterprise Z. “To boldly go, where no airship has gone before, an indoor flying sculpture of the Starship Enterprise.” This entry for the Instructables Autodesk Kinetic Sculpture Design Contest created by YouTube user masynmachien can be seen at YouTube by heading to this link.

“I made it for the occasion of the BVC participation at the 20th F.A.C.T.S. convention in Ghent, October 23-24, 2010,” said masynmachien. “The BVC or Belgian Voyage Club is the Belgian Star Trek fan club (”

Masynmachien encourages fans to vote for the Enterprise Z in the Autodesk Kinetic Sculpture Design Contest, which runs between November 29th and December 1st.”

Finally, GeekChicDaily (on Facebook) is offering Star Trek prizes. By friending GeekChicDaily and answering a simple question, fans will have a chance at winning Trek swag such as: Star Trek T-shirts, Star Trek movies on DVD and Blu-ray, hats, life-size Spock decals, Trek glassware and more.


Watch William Shatner Sing F**k You – Uncensored

Last week we posted (censored) video of William Shatner singing a cover of the Cee Lo Green song "F**k You". Today Bill posted the uncensored version on his YouTube channel. Check it out below. 

Bill makes a F-ing point
According to Bill, posting this uncensored video is part of making a point about language and censorship, […]


Abrams Super 8 Footage

Recently, YouTube user wblankenship found out that J.J. Abrams’/Steven Spielberg Super 8 was being filmed in his hometown of Weirton, West Virginia, so he went down to have a look at the set during filming and has posted a six minute YouTube video of the filming.

Not many details have emerged about Super 8, but it is known that while using their Super 8 camera, a group of kids find and film something unexpected, alien life.

“I just recently found out that the movie Super 8 was being filmed in my hometown and we walked down to see the set last night (10/08/10) during filming,” said Wblankenship. “There were a lot of military vehicles, soldiers, and 70′s cars. (We even caught glimpse of one of the stunt cars) The whole place was lit up by huge stadium lights and it looked like they were shooting with a camera on a big crane arm. Hope you enjoy.”

Wblankenship and other locals gathered to watch the proceedings. The video shows period cars and military vehicles, including a tank rolling down a street. Some of the military vehicles fired their weapons.


8-22-10 – Step Through The Gate Part 2


As Part of the 2010 Elite Force Summer Listeners Choice
As Fun as it was that the Gang made it into a 2 Part Fun Ride
as as Walkie Mindwipe and Sarah Kellett from Youtube Go Though
The World of Stargate and go over Their Best Moments from Top
To Bottom of the Great World that it is

in Part 2 The Gang Gone Over
Stargate Infinity
Stargate Universe
Stargate Audio Books

Also Walkie Mindwipe and Sarah Go Over what to Look Foward to
In The World of StarGate


8-18-10 – Step Through The Gate Part 1


As Part of the 2010 Elite Force Summer Listeners Choice
You The Listerns Voted and it Time tp Step Though The Gate
as Walkie Mindwipe and Sarah Kellett from Youtube Go Though
The World of Stargate and go over Their Best Moments from Top
To Bottom of the Great Worlf that it is

in Part 1 The Gang Gone Over
Stargate The Movie
Stargate SG1
Stargate Atlantis
Stargate The Ark of Truth
Stargate Continuum