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9/16/12 – Cowboy


The Wild West is in Full Force
as Doctor Who Month Continues
on The Elite Force Podcast as
Walkie and Mindwipe Returned
to Look at The Newest Doctor
Who Episode and Look at What is
Going on in the News from the
World of Sci-Fi

Stories covered this week

.Walkie Reviewed Last Weeks
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
.Star Trek: Renegades” Begins Production
.Cameron promises he won’t spoil Avatar
2 with a WTF Matrix 2 ending
.RoboCop Starts Production on Saturday
in Toronto
.London theater hires ninjas to make you
shut up at the movies
.Mindwipes Review of A Town Called Mercy
.The Hosts Read an E-mail From Admiral Q

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10/23/10 – Into The Twilight Zone


You are about to unlock a door with the key of imagination and Beyond
it is Sci-Fi Most Classic Franchise. and You’ve just crossed over into…
The Twilight Zone. and on The Weekend Elite Force Podcast Walkie Flew Solo
and Takes a News that has  Leonardo DiCaprio Looking To breing Back Classic Franchise
Into a Movie and that Has People thinking if Its Time has Past but Walkie Looks
into How Warner Brothers and DiCaprio has Golden chance to make a Serise of
Twilight Zone Movies that will be a Big Hit to Sci-Fi Fans

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Is Colin Farrell taking over for Arnold in the Total Recall remake?
.Peter Jackson officially announces the cast of The Hobbit (Yes!)
.SGU‘s new lead-in show: Star Trek: The Next Generation
.Revealed: Official Transformers 3 plot synopsis
.Alien Anthology: 1000+ Minutes (Kitchen Sink Included)
.Brandon Routh still in the running for Zack Snyder’s Superman
.Ron Moore developing Wild, Wild, West reboot
.Leonard Nimoy ‘Recovering Beautifully’ After Emergency Surgery

Also Walkie Looks into What feels is a Fail Lineup for SyFy as
SGU and Caprica Drop Below 1 million viewers and Walkie Trys
to Put an Better Linup that Will make Everyone Happy