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2/17/13 – Sci-Fi Video Games Music Tribute


The Tunes are Coming as This Weekend Elite Force Podcast
returned as Walkie and Mindwipe along with Tommy Doon from
The Vault Of Midnight Podcast and Long Time Listern Admiral Q
from Chris Jones Gaming as they Presents To You The 8th
Tribute to The Composers of Sci-Fi. But This Time we Take
a Trip Into The world of Video Games to pay Tribute To Some
Of The Best Composers That Has Left Their Mark in World of
Sci-Fi and to Their Music That Has Stand The Test of Time

On This Show We Give Tribute to the Composers That Composes
Music to These Video Games

.Super Metroid
.Star Trek Armada
.Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
.Star Trek: Starfleet Command
.Wing Commander
.Mass Effect
.Super Mario Galaxy
.Red Alert

So Enjoy as we Pay Tribute to the Composers that Give
Life To Great Sci-Fi Music That We Love

We Welcome any Feedback on anything you heard
Via E-mail over at [email protected]



Elite Force Podcast Presents : Play A Video Game Symphony


PLAY! A Video Game Symphony – a concert series that features music from video games
performed by a live orchestra.

kick back all you music lovers and video game players as Mindwipe takes you
on a musical rollercoaster in the world of Video Games On This Bonus Episode
of The Elite Force Podcast