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8/3/12 – Small Minds, Big Ideas

The Midweek EFP Returns!
Could Jurassic Park be a reality?
You wont beileve who is playing the villian
in Thor 2!

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Stories covered this week:

.Javier Bardem may be out of Dark Tower (but look who may be in!)
.The real reason Schwarzenegger didn’t appear in Total Recall reboot
.Billionaire rumored to be making a REAL Jurassic Park
.Thor 2 has found its villain—and he’s a Time Lord!
.”Ghostbusters 3″ Finally Happening Says Ackroyd
.Moffat Says “Doctor Who” Movie Will Happen–Just Not Yet


Leonard Nimoy To Attend 2011 San Francisco Star Trek Con + Creation Plans 9 Trek Cons For 45th Anniv.

Earlier this year Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy said 2010 would be his final year for conventions, but Creation has just announced that Mr. Nimoy is planning to attend their San Francisco con next March. In addition, Creation has a total of nine cons lined up for the next year, celebrating Star Trek’s 45th anniversary.

Nimoy headed […]