6/26/10 – The British Invasion


OK  On this weekend edition of the Elite Force Podcast Walkie takes a break … and in his stead is a special guest host..

amongst todays discussions..:

  1. Ridley and Tony Scott working on new Avatar-like sci-fi film,
  2. Two more details about the upcoming 11-minute LOST epilogue
  3. A special 30 min interview with Chris Jones Gaming member Phoenix about the conclusion of Doctor Who Series 5, as well as an indepth overview of the brand new scifi game Transformers : War for Cybertron.
  4. finially finishing up with more news and an exclusive track from the Transformers game done by none other than Stan Bush himself.

Check it out today folks.. and be sure to leave feedback on Itunes.. Facebook, twitter and via Email… you know where to go 🙂