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7/15/12 – What Did He Say!!!

The Weekend is Here and The
Internet is Buzzing over a
Late Night Host That May have
Spoiled The Ending of a Big Time
Movie but the Fun has Started
as Walkie and Mindwipe Have
Returned with The Weekend
Elite Force Podcast

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Tom Baker Reprising His Role as the Doctor
.Jessica Biel To Play Viper In ‘Wolverine’
.Chris Judge hints at new sci-fi series
.What One Thing Would LeVar Burton Have
Changed About “TNG?”
.Walkie and Mindwipe Talk about Late Night
Host David Letterman and How He May Have
Spoiled The Dark Knight Rises (Or Not) and
The Host Preview The Movie as it will be Out
This Friday

No More spoilerS
On The Weekend
Elite Force Podcast



10/13/10 – The Doctor Forever


is another Sci-Fi Franchise Changing for The worse as
The World of Doctor Who is Up in a uproar from a Line that
The 11th Doctor Saids in a Upcoming Episodes of
The Sarah Jane Adventures Thats Deals with a Part of
Who Conon of The Doctors Regeneration Limit But In the Midweek
Elite Force Podcast as Mindwipe Not able to make the Full Show
as He with Having Fun on His Brithday but he along with Victor 1st
from Talk about the News Story and Ask
if the Results of this May Hurt the Doctor Who Franchise in
a Big way that it May not Come Back

The Rest of The Show Walkie Join in as He Looks into the News of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.SyFy ratings News for SGU Caprica and an Week 2 of Smackdown on SyFy
.Moffat Keeping The Old Daleks
.Fox casts female lead for Terra Nova
.Star Trek Hot Wheels Wave 3 Available Exclusively At Costco
.Scripting Started For Star Trek Sequel
.Doctor Who to film in USA
.Caprica’ First Look: The Cylons are coming!