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Smith Would Whoop The Master

Just <a title="Simm: “I’d love another take on the Master”" href="http://doctorwhotv.co.uk/simm-id-love-another-take-on- Read more …


Poll: Series 7 Part 2 Writers


In light of the recent <a title="Series 7: Part 2 Episode Line-Up Confirmed" href="http://doctorwh Read more …


Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

According to a couple of sources, the title of <a title="Thompson Confirmed for Series 7" href="http://doctorwhotv.co.uk/t Read more …


Series 7: Part 1 – What Worked, What didn’t

What worked about Series 7: Part 1 and what didn’t? John Hussey gives his overview.

What Worked: The Blockbuster-of-the-Week Format

<img title="a-town-called-mercy-poster" src="http://eliteforcepodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/a-town-called-mercy-poster.jpg" a="a" Read more …


Moffat: Ponds Are Not Coming Back

Steven Moffat has shot down recent <a title="Former Companions for 50th Anniversary?" href="http://doctorwhotv.co.uk/former-companions-for-50th-anniversary-40510. Read more …


Competition Winner: “Goodbye Ponds”

Earlier this month we wanted you to submit a video tribute to Amy and Rory in our “Goodbye Ponds” competition.

There were many, many brilliant entries, with a number of them featured <a title="Weird & Wonderful Read more …


Retrospective: Series 7 – Part One (2012)

Guest contributor David Selby gives an overview on the first 5 episodes of Series 7.

After being disappointed by Series 6, I can’t deny that I was wary of Series 7. However, nor can I deny that I’d been looking forward to it ever since I heard the title, “Asylum of the Daleks”. The trailers got better one-by-one, Read more …


Competition: Goodbye Ponds

Doctor Who TV is giving away a copy of the UK <a title="Series 7: Part 1 DVD Update" href="http://doctorwhotv.co.uk/series-7-p Read more …


Series 7: Part 1 DVD Update

<img title="series-7-part-1_dvd" src="http://eliteforcepodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/series-7-part-1_dvd.jpg" alt="" width="570" Read more …


Series 7 Title Comparison In Video (1-4)

W Read more …