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Tennant on “I don’t want to go”

It’s hard to believe, but the approaching New Year will mark three years since David Tennant’s regeneration in the concluding half of The End of Time.

In a recent interview Tennant has reflected on his time as the Doctor and his final line.

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The Snowmen Time Confirmed

The BBC have finally locked down their Christmas TV schedules today and the air date and time for The Snowmen has bee Read more …


Results: Your First Doctor

Last week in our poll we asked, who was your first Doctor? The one you watched for first time and were hooked to the show from that moment on. Thousands of you voted and the results are now in.

Here’s how it panned out in descending order of votes:

Colin Baker

With 0.49% of the overall vote.

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2012 Christmas Special BBCA Air Date

BBC America has confirmed that they will be airing the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas special on 25th December. It begins 9pm (ET).

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A Veteran of The Last Great Time War

Guest contributor Martin Backman looks at the effect of the Time War on the Doctor.

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The Case for… The End of Time

Adam James Cuthbert makes the case for the tenth Doctor’s final story.

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Who Mysteries: The Doctor’s Real Age


Just how old is the Doctor really? Guest contributor Thomas Capon examines the evidence.

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Your Verdict on Series 7: Part 1

It’s time to take a look at how you rated Series 7: Part 1 overall in the polls last week.

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Top 10 Pond-Era Celebrity Performances

Guest contributor K-Ci Williams counts down the top ten guest star performances.

The Ponds departed in The Angels Take Manhattan, and now it’s time to reminisce about their stories on Doctor Who and celebrate the guest performances of those who have made their stories memorable.

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Classic Doctor Who Retrospective: Season 6

Guest contributor Michael Coats continues his series looking back at the classic-era, this time with Season 6.

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