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7/26/12 – Indiana Jones, Retired.

A nasty storm hit the EFP Command center.
But no worries, we are still here.
But what has me worried is that
We may never see Indiana Jones ever again!
Its time for another Midweek EFP

Stories covered this week:

Odds of Indy 5 are not good.
Thor 2 underground?
Hathaway could return as Catwoman.
Rorschach training Robocop?
An Avenger in Robopocalypse?
Docter Who legend passes away.



8/5/11 – The Man of Steel Reloaded


Chuck W is back as The Midweek Elite Force Podcast Returns to
Update You at the of the Happenings that been going on in

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Man of Steel has found its Perry White and it’s—Morpheus!
.Matt Smith wants as many Doctors as possible back for Who’s 50th
.“Green Lantern 2? Green Lit
.Moffat: “Who”‘s Fiftieth Anniversay Will Be Huge
.Marvel Gets To Keep Thor, Spider-Man
.Rise of the Planet of the Apes Biggest Backer

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5/8/11 – The Gang is Back


The Elite Force Podcast Returned This Past Weekend As Walkie and Mindwipe
Returned To Cover all the Top News thats Been Going on in the World of

.With about 2 Years Left Untill The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who
Their Might Be One Past Doctor that Might Not be apart of it as The
9th Doctor Christopher Eccelston who was Interviewed by Graham Norton
saying that he Dose Not what to return to His Doctor For the Big
Anniversary Show. Walkie and Mindwipe Look at How Christopher Eccelston
is Making Himself Look Like a Footnote in Doctor Who History and How
What he Said in the Interview is not the Same as what he Said Last Year
and How This Make Walkie Upset Even more at him for how he Really Feels
about Doctor Who.

.With Casting Nrew Rolling Around Over a Reboot of the Fantastic Voyage
and News that Hugh Jackman May be cast in the Movie and Walkie and
Mindwipe Look to How Getting Jackman For Fantastic Voyage is a Great
Idea But Mindwipe Also Points on How The Producers Need to Work thos
Verson Out that Will Make this a Good Film and Paying respect to what
Came Before and Keep Pointing on what Baron Dixon Said that Hollywood
Needs to Start Remaking Bad Films.

.Walkie Also Reviewed The New Movie Thor and Gave his View on what he
Felt on the Movie and How it Fits in the Big Picture that Marvel is
Working for Next Years Avengers Film and How the Hype may not be Grand
as with a Number of Bad Films that has been out

also with Random Madness and Random Mayhem that Only walkie and Mindwipe
Know on this Weekend EP of The Elite Force Podcast