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3/31/11 – Too Soon


The Midweek is Here Again and The Elite Force Podcast returns
to Keep you All Updated on Some of the News Going on
In The World of Sci-Fi and with One News That has Walkie
Thinking if This is Too Soon to Make a Justice League Movie
with all the Reboot Going on with the DC Universe in Hollywood

.Justice League For 2013?
.Little ‘Hope’ for Stargate‘s March 28 ratings
.Amy Adams Wins The Role Of Lois Lane
.JJ Abrams: No Plans To Change Star Trek Sequel Release Date – Still Working On Script
.Free HD downloads of Stargate Universe now on iTunes!
.Also Walkie Wish Star Trek TNGs Marina Sirtis A Happy Birthday


Brannon Braga Explains Why No Gay Characters On Star Trek: Not Forward Thinking

Today many TV series have gay characters, including William Shatner’s sitcom $#!* My Dad Says and Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica spin-offs. But there has never been a gay character on Star Trek, and in a new interview veteran Star Trek writer/producer Brannon Braga explains why that is and why he thinks things would be different today. […]