5/22/11 – The Day After Another


Well We Made it to Another Day and The Elite Force Podcast
Returns This Weekend As Mindwipe and Walkie Had alot to
Talk about as They Look Into the Top News Storys Going in
The World of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.With The New season on Torchwood Coming Up Soon
Walkie and Mindwipe Look at More Casting that is
Added to Allready Great List of People that in
going to be on Torchwood

.Star Trek Online May Heading to it’s End as News Comes
Out of Atari is Selling Cryptic After Big Lost. The Host Look
At whet This Means for future For the Trek MMO

.Oblivion Got its top Star in V and That Got
Walkie and Mindwipe Not Liking this and Thinking that
They Could Have Done Better with Someone Better Then

.Another Show is Off The Air as V is Cut By ABC
and that Has Mindwipe Ranting on ABC and SyFy
witch Once More Got Walkie and Mindwipe Pointing
Out That The Rating System Is Outdated and Needs
to be Fix

.The Doctor Who Serise 6 Opener The Impossible Astronaut
Is Now Most Recorded UK Show Ever witch Prove BBC Group Gets it
and The Rest in TV Land Are Dorks

Also The Host Read a Feedback from The I-Tunes Pages From
Rashanii1 From The Gamers Garage

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