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11/3/11 – This is Sparta!!


Chuck W is Back After another Halloween as The Midweek
Elite Force Podcast Returns to Update you all on some
of the News Going on in the World of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Splat! David Cronenberg squashes those Fly sequel rumors flat
.BSG and WWE heavy hitters to go against Riddick!
.Will We See An “Incredibles” Sequel?
.Joel Edgerton May Scream ‘Sparta’ in ‘300’ Sequel
.Ruairi robinson set direct the last days on mars
.Ron Howard says not to hold your breath for that Dark Tower movie

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10/30/10 – The Sci-fi/Horror Connection 2


It’s Time for Holloween and The Elite Force Podcast is Ready to Trick-or-Treat as
Walkie is Join By  Neal,John and Troy From Without Your Head
Horror Radio and Tommy From The Vault Of Midnight Podcast
and as The 5 Ghoulish Dudes go over Hollywoods 2 Great Genres
(Science fiction and Horror) and its Great Connection with a
List of some of the Great Movies of All Time and Thoes that is
Just Bad it is not Funny and to The One That has Stand The Test of Time

On The 2nd Ever Sci-fi/Horror Connection Walkie , Neal , John , Troy and Tommy Go Over

.The Godzilla Movies
.Predator 2
.The Fly (1958)
.The Fly (1986)

Also The Gang Pays Tribute to Ed Wood and he Great Works
We End The Show as Mindwipe Pops in to Presents He Verson of The Game from The 7th Guest

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Happy Hollween From The Elite Force Podcast