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New TARDIS Interior Revealed

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Thompson on Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Writer Stephen Thompson speaks about his upcoming episode for Series 7: Part 2 in the latest issue of <a title="DWM #454: McGann is th Read more …


Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

According to a couple of sources, the title of <a title="Thompson Confirmed for Series 7" href="http://doctorwhotv.co.uk/t Read more …


The Power of Three TARDIS Clip

The BBC has released a third clip from The Power of Three. Brian shares a few ideas about the mysterious cubes…

Catch it below.


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Doctor Who NYC Asylum of the Daleks Q&A

The Nerdist has uploaded the Q&A session from last weekend’s New York screening of Asylum of the Daleks. Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Caroline Skinner discuss Series 7, Oswin, Xmas and more.

Intriguingly, Matt is also asked how big the inside of the TARDIS is. He seems to hint that we’ll see more, but i Read more …


7/8/12 – Gridlock

The Weekend Elite Force Podcast
Returns This Weekend After Last
Weeks Monday Madness as Walkie
and Mindwipe Returned to Look
at what is going on in News in
The World of Sci-Fi

This weekends headlines:

.Spidey’s Green Goblin says new pic
can’t match ‘charm’ of Raimi’s
.Color Restored to Pertwee-Era Story
.”Big Hero 6″ Movie Coming Our Way?
.Series 7 Casts Rigg and Stirling
.Walkie Reviews the 2nd Issuse of The Doctor Who/
Star Trek TNG Comic Assimilation2

All This On The Latest
Episode of The Weekend
Elite Force Podcast



Steven Moffat reveals ‘how much I hate’ spoilery Doctor Who fans

In Doctor Who, the mysterious River Song keeps warning the Doctor and his TARDIS travelling companions about “spoilers,” and thanks to Twitter, Facebook and other such social media, we have to tread carefully, because spoilers can be found everywhere. And showrunner Steven Moffat has made it quite clear how much he HATES it.


Doctor Who fan favorite may return to step inside the TARDIS

Last season’s Doctor Who episode, “The Lodger,” was one funny piece of sci-fi television. It was helped along by the sweet and sympathetic character of Craig Owens, played by James Corden—and if you liked him, too, you’re gonna love the fact that the BBC has just confirmed that the character will be returning for series six.


Matt’s Smith’s hilarious 1st 2011 guest spot as Doctor Who

What do you do when you’re the host of the U.K.’s National Television Awards (think People’s Choice Awards), you’ve overslept and you’re late for your gig? Why, you get Doctor Who to take you back in time in his TARDIS, of course!


11/10/10 – A Force Unleashed


The Sequle to a Game that was thought their was zero chance to happen and it was
as The Sequle To Star Wars The Force Unleashed is Out for the X-Box 360 and the PS3
and on the Midweek Elite Force Podcast Walkie and Mindwipe take a Look Into The game
on How it Lives up into the 1st Game from The Look of the Game to The Gameplay and even the
Story on dose it Help in  bridges the two Star Wars trilogies and if their will be another one

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Opinion: Atlantis fans need to stop punishing Universe
.Doctor Who Experience’ On Its Way
.Cryptic Talk Possible Free To Play Star Trek Online + Romulans As Next Faction
.Torchwood’ Is Going Underground
.Christmas Special preview on Children In Need
.Meanwhile in the TARDIS Leaks