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10/12/12 – To Waste or Recycle


Debate this Tough Guy!!!!

Its time for some more Midweek EFP.

Stories covered this week

.Stop worrying: Scientists say real Jurassic Park could NEVER happen
.Look who’ll probably end up as Mary Jane in Amazing Spider-Man 2
.Viewer E-mail
.Ridley Scott teases Blade Runner 2 will answer our big question
.Robert Orci responds to fan complaints about that Trek 2 sneak peek

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Exclusive Video Interview: Simon Pegg On A More Serious Scotty, Budgineering, Star Trek Critics & more

Last week at the final stop on his mini book tour for his memoir "Nerd Do Well," Star Trek’s Simon Pegg sat down with to talk about growing up nerd, geeking out on Star Trek, critiques of the film, getting more serious with …