5/26/13 – The Rebels are Back


As The Elite Force Podcast is out of the Darkness
The Reaction has been coming in. some not to happy

But The Rebels are Back again as The Rasputin of
Sci-Fi and gaming is Back

The Weekend Elite Force Podcast returnes

On This Episodes:

.Walkie and Mindwipe Review Doctor Who Season 7 Part 2
.Disney announces post-Clone Wars animated show: Star Wars Rebels!
.Fox and Marvel apparently at ‘legally negotiated standoff’ over Quicksilver
.Walkie Reads a E-mail from Admiral
.The Hosts Heard a Voicemail from Shifty in reply to Last Weeks E-mail
that Walkie and JJ Talk about
.Also Mindwipe Played a Review of Star Trek Into Darkness from Youtuber
User LACK78 in witch Mindwipe 100% agrees with.

All This on The Weekend EFP

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