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11/10/10 – A Force Unleashed


The Sequle to a Game that was thought their was zero chance to happen and it was
as The Sequle To Star Wars The Force Unleashed is Out for the X-Box 360 and the PS3
and on the Midweek Elite Force Podcast Walkie and Mindwipe take a Look Into The game
on How it Lives up into the 1st Game from The Look of the Game to The Gameplay and even the
Story on dose it Help in  bridges the two Star Wars trilogies and if their will be another one

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Opinion: Atlantis fans need to stop punishing Universe
.Doctor Who Experience’ On Its Way
.Cryptic Talk Possible Free To Play Star Trek Online + Romulans As Next Faction
.Torchwood’ Is Going Underground
.Christmas Special preview on Children In Need
.Meanwhile in the TARDIS Leaks


Star Trek Online Update

A new Star Trek: Online series and episode will debut this week featuring a new race of hostile beings who threaten both Starfleet personnel and Klingon warriors.

Series 2: The Devidians, will debut on October 16 with the first episode in this latest series, Skirmish.

According to Star Trek Online, “Thousands of Starfleet officers and KDF warriors have died in battle in the Neutral Zone. The destruction has drawn the attention of the Devidians, unseen predators who use chaos as a cover for their kills. This time, however, their plans involve more than simple survival. You must stop them before they can change the face of the Alpha Quadrant forever!”

In Skirmish, “an unexpected enemy returns when your ship is called to battle in the Neutral Zone.” Skirmish will be available to play at 11 AM PDT on Saturday, October 16.

Following Skirmish, four more episodes will appear, on subsequent Saturdays. The episodes will be: Spin the Wheel, What Lies Beneath, Everything Old Is New Again, and Night of the Comet.


The Reunion : An Elite Force Podcast Special – Part 2 10/2/10


The World of Star Trek Gaming was Marking Out as the Gang of the Argus Array
Return for a big Reunion As Walkie And Mindwipe Welcome back Chris Jones From
Chris Jones Gaming and Victor 1st From Star Trek-Gamers as They Take a Look in
the Star Trek Gaming World from the Bottam Up and having Fun along the way

and In Part 2 of the 2 Part Argus Array Reunion
.Walkie, Mindwipe, Chris, Victor go over the Games that Stood Out to them and
the ones that they thought was the worse ones that they feel people should Skip
even Star Trek : DAC
.The Gang covers the Modding world and they go over the ones they like and Chris Jones
Goes over The Starts of Ultimate Universe Mod
.Victor and Walkie Renew their Debate as they Talk about Star Trek Online and go over
what in their View is the Future of The Star Trek Gaming Franchise
.Also to End The show Mindwipe and Victor Remember about the old The Argus Array from
The Beginning of the Show to Their Favorites  Moments of the Show and Walkie gives the Listerns
The Beginning of The Elite Force Podcast and How its Beginnings is connected to the Argus Array

So Sit Back and Enjoy the Near 3 Hour Maddness that was made happen by you The Listerns of the Podcast


Picardo Answers Fan Questions

Robert Picardo, Star Trek: Voyager‘s EMH, answered questions ranging from his time on Voyager, to his present-day work.

Some of the cast from Voyager gathers together several times a year and one of the topics is the future of Voyager. “The only talk of a Voyager reunion project that I hear about is when the guys from Voyager get together,” said Picardo. “We get together twice a year to have dinner, and we’ve done that since the show ended.”

Picardo is amenable to working on Star Trek projects such as fan films or online games. “Star Trek Online is voice only, right? That’s the online game,” he said. “I know that Zachary Quinto is playing a holographic doctor for Star Trek Online. I have not been approached. I’m not opposed to doing it, but I have not been approached. There was also talk of me doing one of the New Voyages films. They sent me some script ideas, but I haven’t heard further than that. So it’s always possible I’ll appear in the Star Trek world again, but there are no present plans, nothing imminent.”

When it came to playing the EMH, one thing that made the job much better was the development of the portable emitter. Had Picardo not been able to be as mobile and had he been confined to just one set, his job would have been less fun. “I think I would have gotten a little bit nuts, but nowhere near as nuts as I would have had I been cast as Neelix,” said Picardo. “I’d come very close to getting that role, within a hair’s breadth. I think that the 5,448 hours that Ethan Phillips spent in the makeup chair would have driven me insane, not to mention the claustrophobia.”

Recently, Picardo guest-starred on Stargate Universe. “It is an incredibly good show,” he said. “It’s much darker and more dramatic than the other Stargate series. That makes it a little more Trek-like, actually. If you’re a Trek fan and you’ve never been a Stargate fan before, this is the show for you. I’m back as Richard Woolsey and I’m back in a business suit, so I’m apparently no longer a commander.”

Picardo can also be seen in Funnyordie’s Chad and the Alien Toupee. “Someone asked me to do it and I was captivated by the wonderfully ridiculous title,” he said. “How do you turn down an opportunity like that? It was just a goof.” In addition, Picardo has “a few other projects in the wind that I can’t talk about yet, including one that’s down to me and one other guy, so fingers crossed for that one.” In addition, Picardo can be seen in Monster Wolf, which premieres October 9 on Syfy. In Monster Wolf, “I am not the title character, but rather a very arrogant, aggressive oil tycoon who gets his comeuppance, brutally,” Picardo explained.


7/21/10 – Predators Review


After many Months of Debates and Talks about the movie
Walkie has Seen the Film and on the Midweek Ep of The Elite Force Podcast
Walkie gives his Review of Predators and ask if this Movie left the whole
Franchise from the Bottomless Pit that was The Aliens vs. Predator Movies

Also Amongst today’s discussions

.Details on those two new U.S. Torchwood characters
.Sylvester McCoy could play Bilbo Baggins
.SGU / Atlantis crossover is a go!
.Matt: I’ll quit as Doc for film
.Kirk Uniform Fetches High Price In Auction
.CBS Releases New iPhone Star Trek Communicator Application
.Star Trek Online, boldly going into a new season


4/9/2010 – Return of SGU and Doctor Who


Two Science Fiction Franchises Make their Return to the Airwaves and On
The Elite Force Podcast Walkie gives his outlook on from the 2 Eps that aired from the
2nd Half of Stargate Universe and gives his view of the Debate that Stargate Fans of the Show.
also Mindwipe Joins in and gives his review of The 1st Eps of Season 5 of Doctor Who and of
11th Doctor Matt Smith
.Star Trek Live’ Stage Show To Premiere at Kennedy Space Center
.Star Trek: The Exhibition Headed To Sacramento & Louisville
.Shanks, Huffman return to Smallville
.Console Version Of Star Trek Online Put On ‘Back Burner’
.Also Walkie gives his view of the Trailer to Rod Roddenberry’s Documentary ‘Trek Nation’