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4/20/14 – Heros Assemble


The Weekend Elite Force Podcast returned As Walkie and Mindwipe
Look foward to whe the Heros of Marvel will Assemble once again.
but will it take to get them all. not the reason that a Spiderman
producer Gave.

It’s Time for the Weekend Elite Force Podcast.

On This Episode:
.paul bettany will be vision confirmation from the man himself
.What Would it Take for Spider-Man to Appear in The Avengers?
.“Star Trek Timelines” strategy game announced for mobile and web
.Batman vs Superman: fears over Wonder Woman?
.Are these the first set pics from Star Wars: Episode VII?

All This on The Hero filled Weekend Elite Force Podcast


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7/12/12 – Return to Form

Chuckw returns from a 2 week break.
Hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July.
Be carefull eating Chilidogs from the
gas station.

Here are the storys covered this week.

.First step to prep for Justice League movie
.A Lego movie starring Batman and Superman?
.Drew Goddard next to tackle World War Z
.Stretching Director
.Villian Revealed?
.Dafoe calls out “The Amazing Spiderman”

A Return to Form on This
The Midweek Elite Force



7/8/12 – Gridlock

The Weekend Elite Force Podcast
Returns This Weekend After Last
Weeks Monday Madness as Walkie
and Mindwipe Returned to Look
at what is going on in News in
The World of Sci-Fi

This weekends headlines:

.Spidey’s Green Goblin says new pic
can’t match ‘charm’ of Raimi’s
.Color Restored to Pertwee-Era Story
.”Big Hero 6″ Movie Coming Our Way?
.Series 7 Casts Rigg and Stirling
.Walkie Reviews the 2nd Issuse of The Doctor Who/
Star Trek TNG Comic Assimilation2

All This On The Latest
Episode of The Weekend
Elite Force Podcast



Takei: Second To Nun

In his second promotional video for Allegiance, George Takei gets into the habit.

Takei tried to make it to Broadway via Spiderman, but now, he’s sure that his performance as Sister Mary Teriyaki in Sister Act will be the ticket to fame and fortune.

George Takei: The Road to Broadway, is an ongoing series of viral videos promoting the musical Allegiance, which will open on Broadway next year. Takei will star with Lea Salonga in the musical, described as “an epic story of love, family and heroism during the Japanese-American interment” during World War II.