01/06/2013 – When Scifi Met Metal


Somtimes Things Don’t Go to Plan But
The Old saying Goes The Show Must Go
As The 2013 Season for the Elite Force
Podcast is Here as Mindwipe Flew Solo
to Breing this Special Metal Filled
Elite Force Podcast

On This Episodes

.Mindwipe Presents a Tribute to some of The
Music work that Youtuber 331Erock Mixing
Metal for all your favorite Sci-Fi Music
You Can Check His Work Out at

Also Mindwipe Covered Some of the News That
is Going on in Sci-Fi as

.Rumor of the Day: Potter’s Rowling at work
on a Doctor Who story
.Who Won’t Be Back for “Captain America” Sequel?

Metel Meets Sci-Fi in The 1st EFP of 2013

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