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6/24/12 – Once More Into The Breach


Summer Has Arrived, Mindwipe Loses Power,
Walkie goes it Alone Sit Back and Relax
The Weekend Elite Force Podcast
is Here

This weekends headlines:

.TDKR producer ‘cannot imagine a world’ in
which Nolan would return
.Zimmer To Score Another Super Hero Epic
.”Barberella” Headed to Television
.Hoping for new Star Trek: TNG? Then you’re
about to get your wish
..Walkie Reads E-mails from Admiral Q
and Chris Husk

Once More Into The Breach
on The Weekend EFP


10/16/11 – Flying Solo Part 2


The Elite Force Podcast Returnes This Weekend as Walkie was Flying Solo
for this Episode as Mindwipe Took the Week Off to Be with Family and on
This Episode after Last Weekend Great Doctor Who Debate. Walkie Took a Look
at Some of the Top news Going on in The World of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

“Avatar” Is The Most Pirated Movie Of All-Time
Padilha Won’t Use Aronofsky’s “RoboCop” Script
Seth MacFarlane Wants To Reboot Star Trek On TV
Smith Wants Costume Change
Red Dwarf to return for Tenth Series

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