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4/15/12 – The British Invasion 2


The British Invasion Is Back in Full Force
as This Weekends Elite Force Podcast as
Mindwipe Took Over as Walkie was away to Be
with Family as on This Episode Mindwipe
was Joined By Phoenix Bondi of Chris Jones
Gaming As This Weekend EFP Mindwipe and Nix
Look at what is going on in the News in the
World of Sci-Fi and Also Presents Some Great
Music in With Next week being The sci-Fi Music

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Short Circuit Remake: New Johnny 5 Will Be “Threatening”
.Want more touch wood – convince russle t davis to come back
.Did Bob Kane And DC Comics Steal The Idea For Batman?
.Supernatural Season 8: Proof There’ll Be One?
.josh wheedon explains how to unrealistly bring back firefly
.Edward Norton, Sean Penn and Gael Garcia Bernal linked with RoboCop
.with This Week Marking the 3rd Anniversary of The Elite Force Podcast
and Mindwipe Let u all know a way to send in a Anniversary Message
that will be played Next Week

The Invasion is Here
on The Latest Episode
of The Weekend
Elite Force Podcast


2/5/12 – Nothing but Rumors


This Weekends Elite Force Podcast Keeps on the
path of Into the World of Rumors as Walkie and
Mindwipe Returned To Look into Those Rumors as
They Look Into The News that is going on in the
grand World of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions
.Could Russell Crowe Be The Next Robocop
.Gwen Cooper to die on Torchwood? Eve Myles says
.Time travelers to be part of Star Wars TV show
.”Short Circuit” Reboot Finds Writer
.Abrams Sells Post-Apocalyptic ‘Revolution’ Pilot To NBC
.EFP Listner Ross Littlewood E-Mails The Hosts
With His Review on The Star Trek: The Next Generation
Next Level Blu-Ray Sampler

Our Trek in the World of Rumors Keeps on on
this Weekends Elite Force Podcast