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5/15/11 – The Curse of the SyFy Morons


The Wrath on The Morons of SyFy is at a New High
as Walkie and Mindwipe Return For The Weekend
Elite Force Podcast To Look at the Top News Going
On In the World Of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.On a Week Where another Show Goes off the Air
Thanks to Morons of SyFy and Durning the Aftermath
of the Backlash That The Fans have Given the Network.
Walkie and Mindwipe Looks at an Open Letter that was
Posted From SyFys Craig Engler Defending The Network
cancelling SGU and The Network Spinning The Truth.
The Hosts Call Crap and Looks at The Self Destruction
of a Once Great Sci-Fi Network.

.Speculation Around the Net was going Nuts over A Return
of Animated Star Trek for the 1st Time Since the 70s and
Coming From Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.The Hosts Looks
at what a Animated Star Trek world Mean for The Franchise
and if Done Right Not only Make everyone Happy but Bring
The Star Trek Fan base Toughter for the 1st Time in a Long

.Walkie and Mindwipe Debut The EFP Feedback Segment as they
Read a Message from Kris Thomas (Kris Interact From Youtube)
also The Host Give their Review of the Series Finale of Smallville
Both Hosts Give thir their Views on How Good the Finale was
and how The last 10 Years was worth it and How now the Upcoming
Reboot of Superman is now not Needed.

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2/19/11 – A Night of Reboots


Their was One Word that Ruled this Episode of The Elite Force Podcast
and a Word that always has the Sci-Fi World Always Debating about and
that Word is Reboot and on this Episode Walkie Take a Look into News
Three Rebooted Science Fiction Franchise and looks into the Upcoming
News that Makes Walkie Brain Hurt at what may and may Not Happen and
in a way will make you Look Foward to whats to Come.

Amongst This Episode Discussions
.Star Trek Sequel Script To Be Delivered In Late March
.Stargate alums headline Syfy’s original movie Iron Invader
.Smallville: Series Finale – Episode Titles And Dates
.Possible Movement on Terminator 5 At Last?
.Highlander” Reboot Gets New Script Writer
.Lohan Linked to Superman Role
.Star Trek: The Animated Series Available For Online Streaming

This Episode Also Marks 1 Full Year Since The Podcast Return and Walkie
Looks Back at the Past Year and Looking Forward to Many More