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10/9/11 – Geronimo


With The 6th Season Of Doctor Who Over and The Gang over at the
Elite Force Podcast Returned This Weekend with Walkie and Mindwipe
is Joined again by Nix as Three along with The Doctor Who debate Looks
at some of the top news storys going on in the world of Sci-Fi. The Great
Dabate part 2 is On

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.New Writer Hired For “Foundation”
.Director drama heats up on ‘Dredd’
.Summit Signs On For ‘Area 52′ With Lorenzo Di Bonaventura
.Lionsgate Picks Up “Chaos Walking” Trilogy
.also Walkie Mindwipe and Nix Review Season 6 of Doctor Who with their View
on Where the Show is at and where it is going with 2 of the 3 given their
Vote of No Confidence for Steven Moffat

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4/3/11 – A Time to Mark Out


After Last Weekends Big Rant From Walkie and Mindwipe
This Weekend Breings Walkie and Mindwipe into More Marking
Out and Lots of Crazy Stuff as They Take a Look Into The
The Top News Into The World Of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions
.Disney Drops Tron Director’s Sci-Fi Project
.Warner Bros.’ ‘Green Lantern’ marketing campaign delayed by special-effects work
.Pinkner Teases Fringe Season Finale
.Jeri Ryan: Chakotay/Seven relationship “came out of the blue”
.Earthseed Optioned

In The Last Part of The Show Walkie and Mindwipe Go Though
The US And UK Trailers Of the Upcoming 6 Season of Doctor Who
and Look Foward to What Could Be The Best Season Yet

Also We Like To Get Your Views On The New Season Of Doctor Who
What Do you Think of the Trailers and What Do you think Might
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Enjoy The Trailers

The UK Trailer

The US Trailer