3/16/2010 – The Force Unleashed 2


The Elite Force Podcast is Back for another Ep and this time around
Walkie Talks about a new Video game that is coming out this year that he never thought world happen
although he is looking forward to the the new game he wonders how in the world they will pull it off
after the ending of the last Game
.James Callis Takes Up Residences At 2 Sci Fi Shows
.New showrunner Scott Rosenbaum talks V
.FStar Trek Online Debuts With Strong Sales
.and Is Syfy Planning Another ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Spinoff?

(Note – The Ep Marks the debut of the Updated Intro for the Podcast…Many Thanks to Mindwipe who help out in Updating the Intro
into what i feel is the Best one yet….don’t Forget to check his stuff out at www.mindwipestudios.info/)