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7/21/11 – A Dark Tower


The Midweek Elite Force Podcast Returns after a Few Weeks off.
This Midweek Saw A New Host make Solo Debut in Chuck W and on this
Episode Chuck Looks at Some of the New Storys Going on in the world
of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Universal Cancels “Dark Tower”
.Johnson Wants to Do A Boba Fett Movie
.The greatest Star Wars game ever? Why you’ll never get to play it
.What does Harrison Ford really mean about that Blade Runner sequel?
.Also Chuck Talks about the Sci-Fi Movie that he is looking Foward to

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6/20/08 – Sci-Fi Top Ten


The Elite Force Podcast with host William Walker discusses the latest The the World of Sci Fi

In this Episode Along with Neal , John , and Troy From Without You Head (June 21th, 2008):
* The Gang go over the Top Ten Favorite Sci Fi Movies of all Time
* Also Paying Tribute to Stan Winston
So Sit Back and ENjoy the Over 3 Hours of Madness that Only William and The WYH Gang can do

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