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Conan producer explains why new sequel is Schwarzenegger’s ‘Unforgiven’

It’s hard to believe its been 32 years

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since Conan the Barbarian was released, which makes plans for a three-decades-later sequel all the more bizarre.


8/3/12 – Small Minds, Big Ideas

The Midweek EFP Returns!
Could Jurassic Park be a reality?
You wont beileve who is playing the villian
in Thor 2!

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Stories covered this week:

.Javier Bardem may be out of Dark Tower (but look who may be in!)
.The real reason Schwarzenegger didn’t appear in Total Recall reboot
.Billionaire rumored to be making a REAL Jurassic Park
.Thor 2 has found its villain—and he’s a Time Lord!
.”Ghostbusters 3″ Finally Happening Says Ackroyd
.Moffat Says “Doctor Who” Movie Will Happen–Just Not Yet


4/19/12 – All about Arnold


The Midweek Elite Force Podcast Returned As Chuck W
Who is Joined By Walkie Returning after a Week Off
and ready to go as On This Midweek Chuck W and Walkie
Looks at What is Going On This Midweek in The News In
the World of Sci-Fi.

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.James Cameron thinks Terminator 5 should be all about Arnold
.Charlize Theron chooses to star in another sci-fi project
.That time Dick Clark mistook Batman and Robin for a singing duo
.Samuel L Jackson teases details of a standalone S.H.I.E.L.D. movie
.One of these 2 directors will take over the Hunger Games sequel
.Val Kilmer knows exactly what went wrong with the earlier Batman films

The Terminator On This
Latest Episode of The Midweek
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4/8/12 – Confused, So are We


This Weekends Elite Force Podcast Walkie and Mindwipe
Returned as Walkie and Mindwipe Takes a Look at What
Is Going on in the News In The Grand World of Sci-Fi
with Most of the Storys That Has Left The Hosts Very
Much Confused.

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Lindelof Doesn’t Consider “Prometheus” A Prequel
.Schwarzenegger thinks Terminator Salvation sucked. Hard
.”First Class” Sequel To Begin Shooting in January
.’Avatar’ Sequels Delayed Until 2015 – At Earliest
.Walkie and Mindwipe Reviewed The Trailer For Total Recall
.Walkie also Review The newest Issuse of the Star Trek
Ongoing Comic and Looking at the Story that Has Walkie and
Mindwipe Confused

All This on
This The Latest
Episode of The Weekend
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