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9/15/10 – JJs Next Bad Guy


Walkie and Mindwipes Favorite Issuse to Debate is back in the News as J.J. Abrams Makes Waves
Again Talking About the Next Star Trek Movie and the News of a Brand New Bad Guy with no
ties to Prime Trek and Walkie and Mindwipe Talk about where they feel the next Film and
the Whole Issuse of Them Listening to the Fans and the love Hate From Walkie and Mindwipe
to the Man know as JJ

Amongst This Episode Discussions in a very news Filled Show

.Sigourney Weaver’s replacement in the Alien prequels?
.Novels to continue SGA storylines
.Clint Eastwood as Superman or James Bond? ‘It could have happened,’ he says
.Torchwood Writer reveals the reasons why Ianto Jones had to die
.Is Spider-Man Considering Hilary Duff for Gwen Stacy?
.Halo’: the care and feeding of a franchise
.Jonathan Frakes On Enterprise Finale: Not Our Finest Hour
.Star Trek Turns 44
.Sci- Fi Legend Kevin McCarthy pass away


8/1/10 – No Who for Depp


This Episode of the Elite Force Podcast is slightly late due to the last minuet aspect of how it came about..
Nonetheless mindwipe as big a trooper and having his kids with him and being full of a summer cold steps in on
Walkies behalf to cover the news from the last week In The World of Sci-Fi.

amongst todays discussions

.Michael Bay working on a secret ‘Confidential Alien Project’ film
.Davies Goes Nuts over Deep being Cast at Who News
.What Ryan Reynolds thinks is LAME about Green Lantern’s costume
.The final scene of Smallville? We WILL get to see that Super suit!
.Atari Releases Season 2 Of Star Trek Online
.SGU’s Season Two premiere date
.SGU Season 1.5 on Blu-ray and DVD