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8/18/12 – Diesel Vision


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Stories covered this week:

He-Man Dolph Lundgren knows who could replace him for that reboot
Clear your calendar—Avengers 2 release date confirmed!
Director shares which 9 movies will most shape his Wolverine pic
Vin Diesel campaigns for a role in Avengers 2 (but as which hero?)
Ouch! Robert Downey Jr. stunt injury delays Iron Man 3 production
Could We Get a “Dark Knight Rises” Sequel?

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5/12/12 – Avengers Assemble


After Years of Hype Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
Comes to the the Silver Screen as on This
Weekends Elite Force Podcast Walkie and Mindwipe
Returned This Weekend as They are Joined By The
Co-Host of The Pro Wrestling Rewind “The Bronx-Father”
Tony Mirabella as the Three Takes a Look at What
Is Going on in the News In The Grand World of Sci-Fi.

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Robert Downey Jr. ‘didn’t understand, didn’t get’
The Dark Knight
.Is MGM about to revive Stargate SG-1?
.August Airdate for Doctor Who Series 7?
.”BioShock: Infinite” Pushed Back Release Date
.Walkie and Tony Reviews Marvel’s The Avengers and
Three Look at did the Movie live to Hype and Looks
Ahead to What is to Come
.Also The Host Look at E-mails From Ashley (From The
Open Book and Why) and Nate as they Aslo Give Their
Review of The Avengers

The Avengers Assembles
On The Latest
Episode of The Weekend
Elite Force Podcast