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Eccleston Hinting at 50th Return?

David Tennant has been dropping enough hints lately to suggest that a 10th Doctor return could be on the cards for the 50th anniversary. But what about his predecessor, Christopher Eccleston?

Eccleston distanced himself from the show after leaving the role of 9th Doctor due to <a title="Eccleston On Why He Left Doctor Who" href="http:/ Read more …


Tennant Teasing 50th Anniversary Return?

Last week, during publicity for Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger, David Tennant was once again asked about returning for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary and his responses were intriguing.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1, he said: “I nearly sa Read more …


Q&A Recap: The Master, River’s Return, Neil Gaiman

If you missed the Doctor Who Q&am Read more …


Poll: Which Series 7 Friend Should Return?

The Doctor had several new friends in the first half of Series 7. This week’s poll is simple, which one would you like to see return the most?

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Rice Bringing Back Lestat?

Could Anne Rice be readying for a return visit by her vampire creation Lestat?


The UNIT Years

As we prepare for UNIT’s return, John Hussey attempts to tackle their TV timeline so far.

UNIT. One of the greatest components Read more …


Moffat & Smith on UNIT return

Steven Moffat has explained how UNIT came to join the 11th Doctor for the first time in The Power of Three.</p Read more …


Doctor Who Series 7 Ratings Accumulator

According to overnight viewing figures, the return of Doctor Who last night was seen by 6.4 million viewers on BBC1.</p Read more …


John Barrowman’s return to Doctor Who has ‘already been discussed’

How cool would it be to have Torchwood’s Captain Jack Harkness make a proper return appearance on Doctor Who? Really, REALLY cool. And it may yet happen, since the man who plays the great Captain Jack himself, John Barrowman, has revealed that his return has already been discussed.


FedCon Day 2: Bakula On Star Trek 2009 & Promised Enterprise Movies + Sirits On Crashing Enterprise(s) + Robbie McNeill, Paul McGillion & Richard Dean Anderson

Friday was epic at FedCon XX with Scott Bakula talking about JJ Abrams Star Trek and promised Enterprise movies, Marina Sirtis explaining crashing the two USS Enterprises, Paul McGillion lobbying for return to Star Trek, Robert Duncan McNeill and Garre…