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2/12/12 – The Power


This Weekends Elite Force Podcast Has Set with Full Power
as Walkie and Mindwipe Returned to Look at what is Going
on With the News in the Great World of Sci-Fi and With One
News Story as The Hosts was Joined By a Special Guest in the
Host Of the Pro Wrestling Rewind The Power Andy Knowles as
The Three Talk about One Crossover that Has The Three Geeking

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Walkie Mindwipe and Andy Knowles Look at a Upcoming Crossover
of Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who in Comics form
.”Space: 1999″ Launching Again
.Lucas Defends Greedo Shooting First
.Morgan Freeman joins cast of Tom Cruise’s NOLA-shot sci-fi project
The Host Also Look at a E-mail From Listener Mike Pringle
As He gave His List of Reboots that Should Never Happen

The Power is unleashed in this Weekend Elite Force Podcast


3/27/11 – Hollywood : Out of Ideas


Is Hollywood Out of Ideas As The Weekend Elite Force Podcast Returns
as Walkie and MindwipeTakes a Long Looks at More News of Upcoming
Reboots of some Sci-Fi Franchises witch Leds Walkie and Mindwipe
Thinking of IdeasThat world be a much Better Ideas then just Doing A
Reboots and Also Looking Foward to Great Things after News Makes
Walkie and Mindwipe Marking Out

Amongst This Episode Discussions
.’Fringe’ Renewed for Season 4
.Starz Announces ‘Torchwood’ Airdate, BBC Remains Quiet
.Mortensen Won’t Play Zod
.Shada” Gets Novelization
.Total Recall Reboot Lists Actresses on the Short List
.Fox Moves Apes Release Date

Also Walkie and Mindwipe Looks on News from an Interview of
Leonard Nimoy Defending The New Star Trek Movie Universe
Witch Had The Hosts Ranting over Where in 2 Years Time
The 09 Trek Movie is Not Holding on Its Own and How Nimoy
and Crew may have Hurt Spock and The Trek Franchise in the
Long Run in this Near 3 Hour Weekend Elite Force Podcast


2/19/11 – A Night of Reboots


Their was One Word that Ruled this Episode of The Elite Force Podcast
and a Word that always has the Sci-Fi World Always Debating about and
that Word is Reboot and on this Episode Walkie Take a Look into News
Three Rebooted Science Fiction Franchise and looks into the Upcoming
News that Makes Walkie Brain Hurt at what may and may Not Happen and
in a way will make you Look Foward to whats to Come.

Amongst This Episode Discussions
.Star Trek Sequel Script To Be Delivered In Late March
.Stargate alums headline Syfy’s original movie Iron Invader
.Smallville: Series Finale – Episode Titles And Dates
.Possible Movement on Terminator 5 At Last?
.Highlander” Reboot Gets New Script Writer
.Lohan Linked to Superman Role
.Star Trek: The Animated Series Available For Online Streaming

This Episode Also Marks 1 Full Year Since The Podcast Return and Walkie
Looks Back at the Past Year and Looking Forward to Many More


Two Strips Of Latinum: Is Hollywood Creatively Bankrupt?

With the constant wave of reboots and re-reboots, where is the original content?

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