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6/10/12 – Full Of Reviews


Once Again is The Time of the Year That The
World of Video Gaming Enjoy The Big Event
of This Years E3 and On This Weekend Elite
Force Walkie and Mindwipe Returned as They
Breing u all sorts of Reviews from the Movies
and Video Games

Amongst This Episode Discussions
.Walkie and Mindwipe Talk about the Upcoming
Sci-Fi Video Games That Was Shown from E3 From
Nintendo Sony Microsoft and The The Others and
Talk about the Games that they Look Forward to
and even those that makes them go Meh
.The Hosts Also Talk about The Passing of Sci
-Fi Legend Ray Bradbury and The Mark That He Left
on Science_fiction
.Walkie Reviews Both Men In Black 3 and Prometheus
.Mindwipe Reviews Superman vs The Elite

All This on This Reviewd
Packed Episode of
The Weekend
Elite Force Podcast


12/19/10 – Enter The Grid


With 6 Days Untill Christmas The Elite Force Podcast Returns With The Big Season Finale
As Thoughout The Past Season The Gang has Been Looking Foward to the One Movie that has
Been The Most Look Forward Too Movie of the Whole Year and For it to be The Biggest Birthday
Bash For Walkie as The Gang Go Over Tron : Legacy as Walkie Reviews The Film From every
Side of the Movie to did it live up to the 1st Movie and is This the Movie of the Year
of all The Sci-Fi Movies in 2010 and Also Mindwipe going over The Tron : Evolution Video

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Syfy cancels Stargate Universe after two seasons
.Pullman Joins “Torchwood”
.Favreau Won’t Direct “Iron Man 3?
.Josh Brolin Calls ‘Men In Black 3’ Script ‘Fantastic,’ Promises ‘It’s Not Jonah Hex’
.Being Human Series Three Preview – Ready For A Zombie?
.’Scream’ Actress Neve Campbell in Talks for ‘Singularity’

Also Mindwipe Reviews The Transformers: Prime Animated Series Looking at if the
Show is worth the Time of the Transformers Fans aslo Walkie and Mindwipe Spend
The Rest of the show Giving a Special Christmas Message to you The Listerns
of The Podcast

Enjoy The 2010 Season Finale of The Elite Force Podcast

Don’t Forget to Check Out The Elite Force Podcast Year End Party on Christmas Day
and The New Years Music Show around New Years Time