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Could "The Munsters" Reboot Be Saved?

Mockingbird Lane does have Bryan Singer as a producer and NBC could go back to the drawing board one more time.


Fans Chase Moffat From Twitter

Doctor Who producer Steven Mofftat’s Twitter feed used to be a source of fun rumors and hints about the direction of the series.

Not anymore.


6/24/12 – Once More Into The Breach


Summer Has Arrived, Mindwipe Loses Power,
Walkie goes it Alone Sit Back and Relax
The Weekend Elite Force Podcast
is Here

This weekends headlines:

.TDKR producer ‘cannot imagine a world’ in
which Nolan would return
.Zimmer To Score Another Super Hero Epic
.”Barberella” Headed to Television
.Hoping for new Star Trek: TNG? Then you’re
about to get your wish
..Walkie Reads E-mails from Admiral Q
and Chris Husk

Once More Into The Breach
on The Weekend EFP


Stargate producer responds to Syfy’s arguments for SGU cancellation

Joseph Mallozzi responds to Craig Engler’s analysis of Stargate’s ratings drop-off.


Producer reveals alternate ending for SGU finale

The show’s final moments were originally to unfold in a very different way.


Roberto Orci: Star Trek 2012 ‘Builds’ On Star Trek 2009 – But Not Just For Trekkies

In yet another Wondercon snippet from Roberto Orci, the co-writer/producer says the 2012 Star Trek sequel  will be "building on" the 2009 Star Trek movie, but will not require viewers to be Trek fans or even to have seen the 2009 movie. Wa…


Fox Gives ‘Fringe’ Fourth Season

Executive producer makes announcement on Twitter

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Letting Go

Stargate’s long-time producer talks openly about the Stargate franchise, his contributions to it, and his retirement from the business.


Mallozzi: Stargate Universe is a 5-year story

The full story of SGU will take five seasons to tell, according to executive producer Joseph Mallozzi.


Producers have a ‘Plan B’ to get those Stargate movies made

Don’t count the two new Stargate movies out yet, according to executive producer Brad Wright.