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Competition Winner: “Goodbye Ponds”

Earlier this month we wanted you to submit a video tribute to Amy and Rory in our “Goodbye Ponds” competition.

There were many, many brilliant entries, with a number of them featured <a title="Weird & Wonderful Read more …


Where did the Ponds end up?

Arthur Darvill has revealed what he thinks happened to Amy and Rory after they were sent back in time by the Weeping Angels in The Angels Take Manha Read more …


Moffat Explains Difficult Pond Exit

Steven Moffat has explained the difficulty of writing the Ponds’ exit in The Angels Take Manhattan.

Moffat Read more …


The Last Day of the Ponds

The BBC has announced that a special farewell video entitled “The Last Days of the Ponds” will premiere on the official site aft Read more …


Smith: It’s “Game Over” for Ponds

Past new Who companions have had a habit of coming back after leaving, but Matt Smith has promised that it really is Read more …


Moffat Teases Pond Exit and Oswin

Steven Moffat has teased the new companion and how the Ponds’ exit will impact the Doctor.

Speaking t Read more …


8/14/11 – Madhouse of the Apes


This Weekends Elite Force Podcast was in one Word a Madhouse as Walkie and Mindwipe
was Joined by Mongobaer from KDS and The Great Announcer Of The Elite Force Podcast
Baron Dixon as The Maddness and Mayhem is at a High as the Gang Look at some of the
Top News Storys that is Going on in the World of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Goodbye Ponds?
.Syfy cancels summer veteran Eureka
.The Gang Review Rise of the Planet of the Apes
.Re-Released of Alien Voices As Digital Downloads
.Also The Gang Look at an E-mail From The Canadian Barbarian Chris Husk

You can Check Out Mongobaer on the KDS over at kds20.blogspot.com/
and also Baron Dixon Over at his Site for The Tyrannovision Show at

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