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Series 7 Casting: Tamzin Outhwaite

Former EastEnders actress Tamzin Outhwaite has hinted at a future role in Doctor Who.

In a video interview with Flicks and the City, Outhwaite revealed: “I think I’m doing a Doctor Who soon… All I know is, I think it’s happening… I’d like play a baddy but I haven’t done a goody Read more …


Elite Force Podcast Presents : Play A Video Game Symphony


PLAY! A Video Game Symphony – a concert series that features music from video games
performed by a live orchestra.

kick back all you music lovers and video game players as Mindwipe takes you
on a musical rollercoaster in the world of Video Games On This Bonus Episode
of The Elite Force Podcast


French & German Versions Of F2P Star Trek Online Launched

Recently this year Perfect World and Cryptic re-launched the massive multiplayer game Star Trek Online as a Free-To-Play game (in English). And now they have followed that up with a European launch of French and German versions of Free-To-Play STO. More details below.

French and German versions of F2P STO now online

press release


Popular Sci-fi MMO Releases French and German Versions

(Amsterdam, Netherlands) March 29, 2012 — Perfect World (Europe) B.V., the European subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD), and Cryptic Studios, Inc., an acclaimed developer of MMO games, along with CBS Consumer Products, have announced today the European launch of the free-to-play, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Star Trek Online.

With this European free-to-play launch, German and French players can now lead their crew on missions in their own language and also participate in events, in-game chats, competitions and episodic missions that will immerse them even more in the always expanding Star Trek universe.

As the first AAA quality MMO to feature space and ground combat, Star Trek Online has continued to grow in popularity. Over the past two years, the game has expanded with five seasons of content updates, delivered story-driven Feature Episode Series, and introduced new systems that allow for enhanced gameplay, such as spacewalk missions in zero-gravity and the new Duty Officer system. In addition, the recent conversion of Star Trek Online to a free-to-play model has opened its doors to anyone who wants to experience the game at no cost.

“The launch of Star Trek Online in Europe is the culmination of our efforts over the past several years to bring gamers the Star Trek universe on a truly massive scale,” said Dan Stahl, Executive Producer for Star Trek Online. “We’d like to share this accomplishment with our community of players that have given their ongoing support to help us create an innovative game that captures Star Trek’s essence and we are happy to offer a localized experience for our French and German-speaking players. Our team is looking forward to sharing this experience with players in Europe and across the world.”

For more information and to begin playing Star Trek Online for free, please visit the official websites:


Karl Urban Ready For ‘Fun & Play’ On Star Trek Sequel at ‘End Of The Year’

Like his fellow Star Trek co-stars, Karl Urban doesn’t seem to know much about the 2012 sequel, but appears ready to get back to play, talking about how much fun he expects to have and his faith in the creative team in a new interview. Excerpts b…

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Park: Enterprise Was Amazing Opportunity

For Linda Park, being offered the role of Hoshi Sato in Star Trek: Enterprise meant deciding whether to accept that part, or to fulfill a dream by taking a role in a play that was being performed in her home town.

Raised in San Jose, Park had been offered a role in Cyrano de Bergerac in 2001, but Hollywood beckoned. “I was fresh out of drama school, and I really didn’t know what the right thing to do was,” said Park “My agent said I was crazy. This was a TV gig, and I could always do a play.”

But it was not an easy choice for Park. “But it’s very symbolic and meaningful to me to come home and do a play at the Rep [San Jose Repertory Theatre],” she said. “The Rep had a huge influence on me. It opened my eyes to the world of the stage. It’s where I realized I wanted to be an actor.”

Park realizes now that she was lucky to land the Sato role. “I was given an amazing opportunity being cast in Enterprise when I was so young,” she said. “It was my first real acting job. At the time, I thought that luck was just talent meeting opportunity, but now I see that I was given a real gift, and I’m grateful.”

When Star Trek: Enterprise ended, Park worried about being typecast. “I was afraid that I might be pigeonholed,” said Park. “But then I got another show and then another one, and I realized that it wasn’t a fluke.”

As for her dream of playing at the Rep? Park is currently in rehearsals for Love in American Times, which will be playing at the Rep in San Jose, California, from May 12-June 5.


Park To Appear In New Play

Star Trek: Enterprise‘s Linda Park will be appearing in Love in American Times, a new play to debut next month.

Park will be appearing with J. Michael Flynn, who is best-known to Star Trek fans for his guest roles on Star Trek: The Next Generation (Zayner in The Hunted) and Star Trek: Enterprise (Nijil in The Aenar, United and Babel One. Mazarite official in Fallen Hero).

In Love in American Times, “The age-old tradition of matchmaking takes a contemporary twist when wealthy businessman Jack Heller (Flynn) has a pre-arranged meeting with sharp and accomplished Scarlett Mori-Yang (Park). Sparks aren’t the only things flying when these two driven individuals with intractable egos try to one-up each other on what could scarcely be called a ‘first date.’ With single-minded practicality and a pre-nuptial that looks more like articles of incorporation, it isn’t long before dysfunctional chaos breaks out. Is there room for love when there’s no shortage of money or power?”

Love in American Times will be playing at the San Jose Repertory Theatre in San Jose, California, from May 12-June 5. Tickets and more information can be obtained here.


New Star Trek Game To Debut This Summer

Star Trek Expeditions, a highly-anticipated Star Trek cooperative play game, will arrive in hobby stores and specialty retailers on June 15th.

The newest Star Trek game is set in the J.J. Abrams universe and features Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy and Uhura.

In Star Trek Expeditions, it is 2259. The Enterprise arrives at Nibia, a planet that is a candidate for membership in the United Federation of Planets. But when the Enterprise arrives, it’s only to find that the Klingons got there first; a civil war is imminent and that Nibia and its president are not so sure that they wish to join the UFP after all.

The mission is to stop the civil war before starts, deal with the Klingons and convince the Nibian president that joining the UFP is a good idea. All of this must be done within thirty days (each turn is a day), or else the Klingons will win the planet!

The game offers “three difficulty levels, random side missions, player strategies and a unique branching mission tree.”


Beltran To Star in Devil’s Advocate

Robert Beltran, best-known to Trek fans as Chakotay on Star Trek: Voyager, will be starring in The Devil’s Advocate, a play about former Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega.

Set in 1989, The Devil’s Advocate is the story of the capture of Noriega by the Vatican’s “Devil’s Advocate” Archbishop Jose Sebastian Loboa, played by Jacob Witkin.

The Devil’s Advocate, directed by Jose Luis Valenzuela, will play at the Los Angeles Theater Center from March 23 through April 17. Ticket information can be found here.


Paul Giamatti Wants To Play Klingon In Star Trek Sequel + Stephen Fry Does Klingon Opera

Another high profile actor has expressed interest in appearing in the 2012 Star Trek sequel. This time it is recent Golden Globe winner Paul Giamatti who wants to know what it will take to land a job as a Klingon. In other famous face as Klingon news, Brit actor and humorist Stephen Fry joined a […]

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LeVar Burton To Play Himself On ‘Community’ + Joins Pilot For ‘Perception’

Another sitcom is looking to a Star Trek star to play himself. Star Trek: The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton revealed today he is currently shooting a guest spot playing himself on the NBC comedy Community. In addition, Burton has joined the cast of the drama Perception, from Trek vets Ken Biller and Mike Sussman.  More […]