12/4/11 – Khaaaaaan


The Weekend EFP Returned as Walkie
and Mindwipe Look at this Past Weeks
Top News Going on in the world of
Sci-Fi and with a Few News Stories
From the World of Star Trek and
Doctor Who that came as no Shock
to the Hosts but still wonder what
in the World is going on in Hollywood

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.JJ Abrams Denies Star Trek Sequel Villain Rumor
.Eve Joins “Trek”
.Ford Wants to Play “Game”?
.M. Night Shyamalan’s New Sci-Fi Movie Now Being Called ‘After Earth’
.Steven Moffat scotches rumours of a Doctor Who Hollywood reboot
.Walkie and Mindwipe Look at a Feedback from
Listener Mike Pringle about the Old Cartoons
That had Walkie and Mindwipe Marking Out.

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