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The Other Asylum of the Daleks Prequel

It turns out that Pond Life wasn’t the only Doctor Who “prequel” rel Read more …


William Shatner & Zoe Saldana Join Other Stars Uniting For Japan Relief

Two Star Trek stars spanning the decades have joined other big celebrities in a video PSA for the charity Unite For Japan, which is trying to help with the Japan earthquake and tsunami relief effort. Watch the PSA below.

Shatner and Saldana Un…


Wheaton Book Debuts

Fans of Wil Wheaton will be pleased to hear that he is releasing a new collection of short fiction stories, titled The Day After and Other Stories.

The fifty-page book of short stories will be available in both paperback (for a limited time only) and as a PDF version.

Wheaton posted about the book, calling it “one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.” He sold a few short stories as a chapbook last year, and explained that while he’s OK with writing non-fiction, fiction is a different story. “I am paralyzed with terror whenever I think about releasing something I invented out of nothing more than an idea to the public,” Wheaton explained, “and before I actually release it, I hear Carrie’s mother screaming at me, ‘THEY’RE ALL GOING TO LAUGH AT YOU!’”

But several things convinced Wheaton to summon up the courage to release his short fiction. “First, ‘Project Do Something Creative Every Day’ is making me feel less and less afraid of sucking,” he said. “Like I said recently, the goal isn’t to be perfect; the goal is to be creative. I don’t think The Day After and Other Stories is perfect, but it is creative, and the few people I have shown it to told me they liked it.

“Second, over four hundred people expressed an interest in buying an autographed copy of The Happiest Days of Our Lives over the last couple of days. That really blew me away, and made me think, ‘Well, maybe there aren’t as many people out there waiting for an excuse to laugh at you as you think. Also? It’s adorable that you think you’re that important to anyone, jackass.’”

The paperback, which can be purchased here, will only be available until December 30, and will sell for $11.00. A PDF-format version will sell for $5.00 and can be purchased and downloaded by heading to the link located here. A short preview of the book can also be seen at the PDF-format link.


IDW “Infestation” Series To Mix Zombies With Star Trek & Other Licensees

Today at New York Comic Con, IDW Publishing announced a "first in comic book history" with a multi-title zombie series called "Infestation" that ties together their licensed properties, including Star Trek. We have details below, plus a look at a special NYCC edition of the new Khan series.

Zombies invade Star Trek (and Transformers, Ghostbusters […]