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2012 Ships of the Line Calendar

Fans waiting for the 2012 Ships of the Line calendar can have a sneak peek of the calendar now.

The back cover of the calendar has appeared on Amazon, which is taking pre-orders for the calendar, which releases next month.

The 2012 Ships of the Line calendar includes fourteen artistic images of Star Trek ships and the focus appears to be on the original series and The Next Generation.

Original series fans can also see images of the front and back of the original series Star Trek 2012 calendar, which is also on Amazon, and can be seen at the referring site.

Click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized photo of the 2012 Ships of the Line calendar.


Stargate alums headline Syfy’s original movie Iron Invader

A killer robot is on the loose in Saturday’s Syfy original movie.


New Original Series Trading Cards To Debut

Fans of Star Trek trading cards who are original series fans will be pleased with the latest offering from Rittenhouse Archives.

The latest Star Trek trading cards, “Star Trek: The Remastered Original Series Trading Cards,” will be released on January 26.

Eighty-one base cards will be offered with “super-sharp” images taken from the remastered original series DVDs.

Other cards include:

  • Eighteen Tribute cards, including characters such as Sarek, Stella Mudd, Commodore Stocker and more.
  • Nine Creature cards, including: the Horta, Yarnek, Balok’s puppet and more.
  • Nine Ships in Motion lenticular cards including the U.S.S. Enterprise and Galileo Seven.
  • Eleven Single-Autograph cards including: George Takei, John Winston (The Immunity Syndrome), Sheila Leighton (Spock’s Brain), Max Kleven (Bread and Circuses) and others with “several Star Trek stars signing for the first time.
  • Fifteen Double-autograph cards including ones such as William Shatner/BarBara Luna, Leonard Nimoy/Majel Barrett, Malachi Throne/Sean Kenney, William Campbell/Michael Pataki, Brian Tochi/Melvin Caesar Belli and more, again with several Star Trek stars signing for the first time.

Steven M. Charendoff
, president of Rittenhouse Archives, spoke about the card that mean the most to him personally, the ones signed by Majel Barrett Roddenberry and Leonard Nimoy. “Majel signed these cards for us just days before she passed away,” he said. “As far as I know, they were the last official Star Trek items that she ever signed. I had no idea at the time that she was even ill, and for her to do this for us, as she did on several other occasions throughout the twelve years (she’d signed for Rittenhouse), speaks to her own appreciation for and dedication to the Star Trek fans and the franchise itself.”

Cards can be ordered and a checklist can be seen by heading to Scifihobby.com.


7/18/10 – Sci-Fi Music Tribute Part 3 (Vince DiCola Special)


After we finished our wonderful two part episode on the great composers to film and tv it got me a thinking so i have done a shorter episode but a sort of part 3 Honouring one particular 80’s  underated composer and thats Vince DiCola especially what im showcasing here with his demo (protoform)  tracks when he worked on the 1986 aminated movie The Transformers.

With Special Narration By Vince himself throught the show this is a rare opportunity for generation 1 transformers fans who havent heard the protoform sessions before to get a unique insite into how the OST for the film was made. plus for any music fan or aspiring composer you can get insite also into the trade from the words of a veteran.