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Poll: Best Christmas Opener

Christmas is approaching and for the next few weeks our polls will be festive themed. This week we’re looking Read more …


2nd Opinion: Asylum of the Daleks

John Hussey and Adam James Cuthbert each give their own take on the Series 7 opener.

John’s Verdict

After waiti Read more …


Asylum of the Daleks Review

Clint Hassell reviews the Doctor Who Series 7 opener.

Doctor Who certainly seems to be building up to the 50th an Read more …


Asylum of the Daleks: Oswin

Note: This post contains full spoilers from Asylum of the Daleks as well as a few mild ones from the 2012 Christmas special.

We were promised a big surprise in the Series 7 opener and we certainly got one. Jenna-Louise Coleman made her entrance and apparent exit as Oswin the Dalek.

But we all k Read more …


Rate Asylum of the Daleks

So what did you think of Asylum of the Daleks? Was it a good opener? Everything you hoped for, or perhaps a disappointm Read more …


Klingon Korkscrew

Klingon Warriors can now open their bottles of bloodwine with a new Klingon Korkscrew instead of with their teeth.

Last year, Klingons across the Empire growled with annoyance when they heard that the Federation had released a Star Trek Enterprise bottle opener.

However, while the Federation bottle opener was good for opening one’s Romulan ale, or for Terran bottles of beer, that left the Klingons out in the cold since they drink bloodwine. Besides, what self-respecting Klingon would use a Federation product? Better to use their teeth.

But all is well with the announcement of the Klingon corkscrew. The officially licensed Korkscrew is made of chrome and steel and shaped like a Klingon Bird-of-Prey starship.

The Klingon Korkscrew sells for $19.99 and can be purchased here.