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12/24/12 – A Wonderful Christmas


The Most Wonderful Time is Here
as Walkie and Mindwipe returned
as The Season Finale of the
2012 EFP Season is Here as The
Two is Ready to Take a trip to
Twilight Zone

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Bryan Singer may be the guy who
brings Twilight Zone back to TV
.Cumberbatch: Abrams Pitched Into
Darkness Villain As Combo Of Hannibal Lector,
‘Shining’ Jack & Joker
.Which sci-fi classic made the
National Film Registry in 2012?
.Walkie and Mindwipe Preview The
Christmas Episode of Doctor Who
.Walkie Reviews The Last Issuse
of The Doctor Who/ST TNG Comic
Comic Crossover Assimilation2

May You all Have a Merry Christmas From The Elite Force Podcast

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1/12/11 – The Season Premiere


The Party is Over and We are in a New Year as a New season of The Elite Force Podcast is Here
as Walkie was Solo as on this Episode as He Goes over a List of Things to Look Foward to in 2011 from the
world of Sci-Fi TV and The World of Sci-Fi Video Games with Shows and Games that Walkie Looking Foward to
Seeing or getting his Hands on and Playing and those that make walkie thinking on passing on.

.The Empire Strikes Back Added to National Film Registry
.Also Better late Then Never but walkie Reviews The Christopher Nolan Sci-Fi Film Inception and
How it Rank on His Top Ten List of his Movies He Saw from 2001
.and walkie Talk More about the new Elite Force Podcast Store