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10/21/12 – Till all are one


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Hugo Weaving calls Megatron ‘meaningless,’ Michael Bay loses it
Whedon responds to TDKR cinematographer’s Avengers bashing
McKellen Almost Turning Down “The Hobbit”
Marvel Confirms Ant Man Movie
Star Trek’s Nana Visitor shares the dark problem that hurt DS9

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Visitor: Un Petit Morceau

Nana Visitor, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s Kira Nerys, has teamed up with Kim Montalvo to create a new gourmet baking business, Un Petit Morceau.

After Visitor’s work in ABC’s Wildfire series ended in 2008, the two friends, who met in Corrales, New Mexico, decided to start a business. “We wanted something that was no pressure and sheer delight,” said Visitor. Un Petit Morceau , which means “a small morsel” in French, was born.

The pair creates “distinctively unique, artisanal, custom, hand-made desserts to compliment any special occasion,” including bouboulettes, which are “small pastry-like cookies filled with a variety of flavors from around the world.”

There are two bouboulette collections. The original collection includes four different pastries including chocolate cherry chipotle, ginger rosemary, lavender plum and lemon basil. A holiday collection includes a dark English fruitcake bouboulette, amaretto-cherry, pecan pie and apple pie.

Visitor creates the unique treats, using local ingredients as much as possible, while Montalvo takes care of the business and marketing of the gourmet desserts. In addition to the website, located here, there is also a blog, located here.

In addition to selling the treats online and locally, Un Petit Morceau does local catering for special occasions.

Thanks to Michelle for the tip!