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DWM #454: McGann is the Dark Doctor

Issue #453 of Doctor Who Magazine is out next Thursday and the cover has been revealed.

This month’s star is Paul McGann: “I wanted to change the Doctor’s look somehow. There’s a sombreness and self-doubt and guilt.”

Arthur Davill also talks about leaving Rory behind.

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Competition Winner: “Goodbye Ponds”

Earlier this month we wanted you to submit a video tribute to Amy and Rory in our “Goodbye Ponds” competition.

There were many, many brilliant entries, with a number of them featured <a title="Weird & Wonderful Read more …


9/16/12 – Cowboy


The Wild West is in Full Force
as Doctor Who Month Continues
on The Elite Force Podcast as
Walkie and Mindwipe Returned
to Look at The Newest Doctor
Who Episode and Look at What is
Going on in the News from the
World of Sci-Fi

Stories covered this week

.Walkie Reviewed Last Weeks
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
.Star Trek: Renegades” Begins Production
.Cameron promises he won’t spoil Avatar
2 with a WTF Matrix 2 ending
.RoboCop Starts Production on Saturday
in Toronto
.London theater hires ninjas to make you
shut up at the movies
.Mindwipes Review of A Town Called Mercy
.The Hosts Read an E-mail From Admiral Q

You Can E-mail Walkie and Mindwipe at
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Series 7 Title Sequence Changes Detailed

As some of you may recall from reports earlier in the month, the Doctor Who title sequence has received a bit of a makeover for Series 7. Here’s some more details Read more …


Doctor Who premiere most recorded U.K. show ever

Doctor Who’s still got it! Whoever doubted him and his appeal can eat crow. When the series returned to television last month, several papers and tabloids made noise about its comparatively low ratings in the U.K. Well, guess what? People didn’t tune out, they just tuned in … differently.


Yoostar Adds More Star Trek Scenes + YouTube Connectivity

Last month we reported the release of Yoostar 2, the movie karaoke game that includes a couple of Star Trek scenes you can insert yourself into. Yoostar has released more Star Trek scenes you can add, including a Star Trek pack. They have also announce…


Star Trek Bathrobes Coming To The UK

The world of Star Trek has just got more comfy. Next month officially licensed Star Trek bathrobes will be available in the UK. More details and photos below.

Star Trek: The Robe
Bathrobes (or ‘dressing gowns’ as they are sometimes called in the UK) are the latest bit of wearable Star Trek. In March two new […]


Star Trek: The Exhibition Heads East Next Month

For fans in or within easy distance of Louisville, Kentucky, Star Trek: The Exhibition will open on January 23 at the Louisville Science Center.

Featuring original costumes, props from shows and movies, recreations of sets from all five Star Trek television series and eleven films, Star Trek: The Exhibition has something for any Star Trek fan.

Highlights of Star Trek: The Exhibition include:

  • Props and costumes from Star Trek XI
  • Captain Kirk’s chair, with a visitor photo opportunity using green screen technology
  • Recreation of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Engineering Room
  • Shinzon’s throne from Star Trek: Nemesis
  • Recreation of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Bridge. Visitors can sit in Picard’s Captain’s Chair
  • Replica of Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Sickbay
  • Recreation of Quark’s Bar from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: The Exhibition will run through May 22, 2011. Tickets can be purchased by heading to this link.

Click on the two following thumbnails to see full-sized photos of Kirk’s chair and the transporter room.


New Tron: Legacy trailer: More plot, more action, more fireworks!

Disney just released the latest Tron: Legacy trailer, and with the movie’s premiere only a month away, the outline of the plot is finally beginning to be revealed.