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6/9/14 – Understanding it all


The Elite Force Podcast Returns as it’s E3 week
and with The Eyes of the Gaming world is on
Los Angeles. Walkie Returns Flying Solo to Once
Again Takle all things Sci-Fi and with Some thats make
Walkie Trying to Understand it all.

On This Episode:
.Trank Gets Nod for Star Wars Stand-Alone
.Ant-Man Takes Another Blow
.Nightwing Coming to Arrow – Via The Vampire Diaries?
.Mark Ruffalo teases a more complex arc for Bruce Banner/Hulk in Age of Ultron
.Walkie Reads a Email from Admiral Q witch led into Walkie
Giving more thoughts on The Stargate Reboot.

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3/8/13 – League of Fillibusters


Did Chuckw just get called
a nitpicky fanboy?

Tune into this edition
of the Midweek EFP to
find out!

Stories covered this week

.Mark Ruffalo weighs in on those
Hulk movie rumors
.Christian Bale may return as Batman
in Justice League movie
.TMNT co-creator’s slam: There are
‘100s of better choices’ than Megan Fox
.Is this the plot for Lindelof’s super-secret
Tomorrowland flick?
.Listener e-mail

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