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5 Things I’m Anticipating in Series 7: Part 2

John Hussey counts down what he is most anticipating in the new run.

A lot of news and rumours are going around lately and they’re certainly doing their job in getting us Whovians excited about the second half of Series 7 which is due to air early 2013. I thought I would take this opportunity in sharing my thoughts on Read more …


Who’s A Meddling Monk?

This post may contain mild spoilers.

Just how many costumes can Matt Smith manage in one series of Doctor Who? A lot by the looks of it.

Filming reports so far for the second half of Series 7 have revealed that the Doctor will be donning a variety of looks. Now, more pics have emerged showing yet another curiou Read more …


Trek Auction To Feature Menagerie Painting

Star Trek collectors will find plenty of Trek props, costumes, set pieces, concept art and other collectibles in the Propworx Star Trek Prop and Costume Auction.

The online auction will be held this Saturday, June 4 and will be streamed online by LiveAuctioneers.

There are plenty of goodies for Trek collectors and 257 lots will be offered. Lot 1 includes the matte painting featured in The Menagerie, Part I, which shows Starbase 11. The matte painting has drawn interest from collectors and is expected to fetch between $8,000 and $12,000.

Lot 2 is an original series red dress worn by Celeste Yarnel (Yeoman Martha Landon in The Apple). Included with the dress are black boots.

Worf fans will be interested in Lot 8, a Star Trek: The Next Generation standard Starfleet uniform worn by Michael Dorn in S2 and S3.

Weaponry includes a Star Trek: Generations Cobrahead phaser, a Star Trek: Nemesis Type-II phaser, Klingon Disruptors, Klingon knives and more. A phaser rifle made for Star Trek: First Contact features working LEDs on the power display, a working light on the top section of the rifle and a removable side panel with working red LEDS.

Concept artwork is also available with topics including Odo’s bucket,  a jacket from The Wrath of Khan, a Klingon D-7 and more.

Various script lots can be found in the mid-200s numbered lots, including production-used scripts from Star Trek: Voyager.

The auction catalog can be downloaded from the Propworx site.


How District 9 director’s new sci-fi film will be DIFFERENT

District 9 writer/director Neill Blomkamp is stirring up a lot of interest with his next film, which is titled Elysium. And there’s already one notable way in which his second sci-fi outing will be quite different from his first.