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Matt Smith Live Q&A

Matt Smith and Executive Producer Caroline Skinner are taking part in a Doctor Who Q&A session today from the London Comic Con. The event will be streaming live on Youtube from 4pm.

The player below will be updated with the stream automatically at 4pm.

httpv://www.yout Read more …


4/25/12 – The Anniversary Party Part 2


The Anniversary Party Continues as on This Midweek
Elite Force Podcast We Presents to you Part 2 of the
7th Ever Tribute to Sci-Fi Composers of Film and TV
with Walkie, Mindwipe, Chuck W, Baron Dixon, The Trey
Dawg and Phoenix On The 3rd Anniversary of The Elite Force

On Part 2 of This Show We Give Tribute to the Composers
Give Great Music to These Film and TV and Gaming.

. Graeme Revell – Firebird (Power Rangers The Movie)
. Michael Kamen – Event Horizon
. Freud Suite
. star trek 2009- End Credits
. Star Trek IV The Voyage Home Title
. O Fortuna (Carmina Burana)
. Abigail’s Song (Doctor Who)
. Doom- Clint Mansell
. The Right Stuff End Title

Also We Heard Another Anniversary Greeting From
Kid Dog and Mongo from KDS 2.0 and E-mails from
EFP Listerns Mike Pringle and The Canadian Barbarian
Chris Husk

So Enjoy as we Pay Tribute to the Composers that Give
Life To Great Sci-Fi Music That We Love On Part Two
of The Elite Force Podcast


4/22/12 – The Anniversary Party Part 1


A Anniversary Party is Here as on This Weekends Elite Force
Podcast Walkie, Mindwipe, and Chuck W Returned As They
was Joined by The Announcer Of The Podcast Baron Dixton,
The Host of Wrestling News Live The Trey Dawg, and Phoenix
from Chris Jones Gaming they give you their Tribute
For the 7th Ever Tribute to Sci-Fi Composers of Film and TV

On Part One of This Show We Give Tribute to the Composers
Give Great Music to These Film and TV and Gaming.

.Two Steps From Hell – Freedom Fighters
.Contact – End Credits
.World of Warcraft – Cinematic Theme
.Star Trek Nemesis – Final Flight
.Scott Glasgow – Robotech The SHadow Chronicles
.AKIRA – Kaneda
.Star Wars – The Asteroid Field
.Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan – Main Theme
.Jeff Wayne War of the worlds – Eve of the War

Also We Heard some Anniversary Greetings That People sent in
On This Anniversary Party
Andy Knowles
Chris Jones
Dan Van Dam
Don Bronx
Sarah Kellett
Tommy Doom
Victor 1st

so Enjoy as we Pay Tribute to the Composers that give Life music to the world of Sci Fi


11/17/11 – Who on the Big Screen?


Who Breaking News Tops This Weeks Midweek Elite Force Podcast
as Chuck W Returned on this Midweek to Update you all on some
of the News Going on in the World of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.‘Doctor Who’ Movie Being Planned By ‘Harry Potter’ Director
.David Tennant’s companion all set for Who’s 50th anniversary show
.Doctor Who movie? The BBC doesn’t know what you’re talking about
.Lego Movie Building Momentum
.Chuck Gives His Views on “Godzilla” Reboot Finds Writer Story
.Universal Orders “Asteroid” Rewrite
.Also Chuck W Talks about a way to Listen Live to the Midweek
EFP as he records the show

We Welcome any Feedback on what you Heard on the Elite Force Podcast
that we will read on the next on the Next Episode Via Facebook. Twitter.
Review on I-Tunes or at [email protected]


This Weekend’s New Jersey Star Trek Con To Stream Live

This year in celebration of the 45th anniversary of Star Trek, Creation Entertainment has expanded its list of Star Trek conventions, bringing Trek cons to all corners of North America. But if you still can’t make it to one of their cons, they ha…


‘Epilogue’ ratings show improvement for SGU, but Sanctuary suffers

The move to Monday nights dealt a major blow to Sanctuary’s “Live + Same Day” ratings.


Little ‘Hope’ for Stargate‘s March 28 ratings

Live viewing for episode 14 is up slightly from the series low last week.


9/11/10 – 9 Years Later


The Elite Force Podcast is back After take a Week with no Midweek Show with Mindwipe at a Family Birthday and Walkie Has a an issuse
with his Arm Injury but Walkie was able to Return Solo with the Weekend Elite Force Podcast and  on this Show
Walkie breing you a Short show with not alot of News to talk about but Walkie does talk about at the end of the show about the 9 Year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the USA and what it means

Also Amongst This Episode Discussions
.Natalie Portman may save Alfonso Cuaron’s sci-fi film Gravity
.Caprica coming back early, on Oct. 5
.SGU comes to syndication, Atlantis sticks around
.Curtain up for the world’s first Klingon opera
.First look at the ‘Doctor Who’ arena tour!