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5/3/12 – Khan we do it?


The Wrath of Khan Noonien Singh May
be Coming back in 2013 as On This
Midweek Elite Force Podcast Chuck W
Returned Looks at What is Going On This
Midweek in The News In the World of Sci-Fi.

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Confirmed: Cumberbatch IS Khaaaaaaaaaaaan!
.Mark Ruffalo’s contract with Marvel definitely
allows for some solo Hulk stories
.Joss Whedon’s favorite scene from his rejected
Batman movie pitch
.Orci, Kurtzman rebooting The Mummy + Tom Cruise
as Van Helsing?
.Marvel Studios Prepping for Post-Downey
“Iron Man” Movies
.Lee Reveals Which Superheroes He’d Like
To See Next

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