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4/25/12 – The Anniversary Party Part 2


The Anniversary Party Continues as on This Midweek
Elite Force Podcast We Presents to you Part 2 of the
7th Ever Tribute to Sci-Fi Composers of Film and TV
with Walkie, Mindwipe, Chuck W, Baron Dixon, The Trey
Dawg and Phoenix On The 3rd Anniversary of The Elite Force

On Part 2 of This Show We Give Tribute to the Composers
Give Great Music to These Film and TV and Gaming.

. Graeme Revell – Firebird (Power Rangers The Movie)
. Michael Kamen – Event Horizon
. Freud Suite
. star trek 2009- End Credits
. Star Trek IV The Voyage Home Title
. O Fortuna (Carmina Burana)
. Abigail’s Song (Doctor Who)
. Doom- Clint Mansell
. The Right Stuff End Title

Also We Heard Another Anniversary Greeting From
Kid Dog and Mongo from KDS 2.0 and E-mails from
EFP Listerns Mike Pringle and The Canadian Barbarian
Chris Husk

So Enjoy as we Pay Tribute to the Composers that Give
Life To Great Sci-Fi Music That We Love On Part Two
of The Elite Force Podcast


4/6/11 – Anime Music Special Retro


on this midweek show of the elite force podcast

mindwipe takes over and digs out from the old britpicks archive a cross over show with the old Kid Dogg Show
wich is now gonna make is return very soon at

this show takes a look at the musicians and classic tunes from Anime we have known and Loved in scifi and animation for over 2 decades

with guest Spy101 and Kid Dogg mindwipe takes us through a musical anime journy.

this is a lost episode that has been re kindled on the EFP and ties in with the old archive over at the new KDS site (look for KDS ON ANIME)