4/10/11 – The Future of Stargate


The Elite Force Podcast Return this Weekend as Walkie was Solo for
The Show to go over some of the Top News Going on in The World of
Sci-Fi and one of the Top News being a Thought that was Given On The
Stargate Franchise from Stargates Own David Hewlett on the End of
SGU and Where The Franchise can go Moving Foward and for this News Story
Walkie was Joined by Youtube Vlogger and Stargates Biggest Fan Sarah Kellett
to Give Her Views on a Franchise going Nuts

Also Amongst This Episode Discussions
.Logan’s Run Reboot Chases Down Writer
.Alexis Cruz: ‘Producers asked me to be a regular on SG-1
.Major Death Coming In ‘Doctor Who’?
.Also Walkie Goes Nuts after a Once again seeing
Shatner Still Wants Star Trek Sequel Role and How He needs to Shut Up

You Can Check Out Sarah Youtube Channel at www.youtube.com/user/sarahkellett