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12/20/13 – A New Dawn


The Apes are Coming.
The Apes are coming.
What are we going to do.

It’s Time for the Midweek EFP.

Stories covered this week

.Walkie Fills in for Chuck W as Walkie Gives his
Review on The Trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.
.Argo Screenwriter Chris Terrio to Rewrite Batman vs. Superman
.Joseph Gordon-Levitt is finalizing Talks for Sandman
.Walkie Also Gives an Review of Star Trek: Kahn Comic
From IDW.

The Dawn is Coming on This The Newest Midweek EFP

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6/22/12 – To Early For A Reboot


Its Hotter then Holy Crap outside.
The central air in the EFP Command center
is running on overtime. Settle in, Chuckw
is back with another edition of the
Midweek EFP

Here are the storys covered this week.

.No more Turtles Movie?
.Jurrasic Park 4 may finally happen
.Joseph Gordon-Levitt= Robin?
.Sesame Street the movie?
.Monsters Sequel nabs new director
.Twilight reboot….. Really?

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