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2013 – The Year of the Whovians (Part 2)

John Hussey concludes his look back over the major

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news, rumours and developments of 2013.


Yet another year has almost com Read more …


Lookin Over The Silence Will Fall Arc

 John Hussey examines the development of the story arc from Series 5 up to Series 7.

‘Silence will fall’ has been a long, twisted and questionable story arc that has been running since the beginning of Steven Moffat’s reign as Head Writer. It has been a very interesting piece of storytelling, which has created an Read more …


Top Five Scariest Moments (New Who)

John Hussey and Adam James Cuthbert count down their top five scariest moments from New Who.

Adam’s Choice Read more …


Series 7: Part 1 – What Worked, What didn’t

What worked about Series 7: Part 1 and what didn’t? John Hussey gives his overview.

What Worked: The Blockbuster-of-the-Week Format

<img title="a-town-called-mercy-poster" src="" a="a" Read more …


Top Series 7: Part 1 Moments

John Hussey and Adam James Cuthbert each list their top 5 moments of Series 7: Part 1.

Well it has come to that sad time of year again Whovians; Doctor Who has come to the end of its run. After waiting for another eight months, Series 7 finally arrived with five blockbuster-of-the-week style stories which depicted the fi Read more …