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2/15/12 – U Mad Captain?


7 out of 8 bitter ex Starfleet
captains recommend the Midweek

And its time for another

U Mad?

Stories covered this week

.William Shatner says J.J. Abrams ‘has gone too far’
.Listener E-mail
.House star could be the villain in Lindelof’s
mysterious Tomorrowland
.Rumor of the Day: A Man of Steel hit could
delay the Batman reboot

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12/14/11 – Full of Awesome


With The Holiday Season Coming soon The Midweek
Elite Force Podcast Returned As Chuck W was joined
By Walkie and Mindwipe as on this Episode Chuck and
Walkie Updates You on The News going on in the world
of Sci-Fi and also Mindwipe Showcases Musical Tribute
of Remixes that been Played on The Elite Force Podcast

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Lost Doctor Who Episodes Recovered
.Simon Pegg hasn’t heard the name khan come up in treks 2’s script
.Mindwipe Reviews The 2011 Spike Video Game Awards
.Has Abrams found a new Khan?
.Takei calls for Star Fans to unite against Twilight
.Angelina Jolie prepares to get sexy and kill again
.Mcfarlane still writing Spawn reboot
.Mindwipe also Presents Some of His Remixs That has been Played
on This Podcast over the past Year

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9/15/11 – Madame Doctor???


The Midweek Elite Force Podcast Returns as Chuck W
Returned on this Midweek to Update you all on some of
the News Going on in the World of Sci-Fi

Amongst This Episode Discussions
.J.J. Abrams will direct Star Trek Sequel
.Highlander Reboot Finds Director
.Hellraiser Reboot May Not Happen
.John Barrowman wants the next Doctor Who to be a woman
.The Wolverine May Be Pushed Back (Again)
.“MiB III” To Open in IMAX 3-D

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1/16/11 – Trek in 3D


The Weekend Elite Force Podcast Once again take a trip into the World of 3D
as Walkie Takes a Look at one Movie that will Come out Next Year that may Go
3D If Paramount Gets His Way and We are talking about the 2nd/12th Star Trek
Movie. Walkie Looks at if a Movie to 3D for a Star Trek Movie Work and if it
is Good Move for J.J. Abrams and The Team to Make and If this Proves again
That if their id Too Much 3D for Everyone

Also Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Caprica’ Ends Pretty Much Where Expected
.Charlize Theron May Join ‘Alien’ Prequel
.Star Says Caprica’ Was Own Worst Enemy
.Lou Diamond Phillips is Chuck‘s latest baddie
.Doctor Who Casting News
.10th Doctor Who To Star in ‘The Hobbit?


Fox Moves ‘Fringe’ To Fridays At Mid-Season

Possibly marks the beginning of the end for the J.J. Abrams show

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Abrams Speaks Briefly About Star Trek XII

While at the premiere of his latest movie project, Morning Glory, J.J. Abrams updated fans on the progress of Star Trek XII.

“I’d say we’re working on it now,” said Abrams. “The script is being, you know, sort of fully outlined. And the writers are starting to work on the script. The story is really cool.”

Abrams’ most recent movie project is due out in theaters later this week. In Morning Glory, TV producer Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) struggles to rebuild her career after being fired from a local news program.


9/15/10 – JJs Next Bad Guy


Walkie and Mindwipes Favorite Issuse to Debate is back in the News as J.J. Abrams Makes Waves
Again Talking About the Next Star Trek Movie and the News of a Brand New Bad Guy with no
ties to Prime Trek and Walkie and Mindwipe Talk about where they feel the next Film and
the Whole Issuse of Them Listening to the Fans and the love Hate From Walkie and Mindwipe
to the Man know as JJ

Amongst This Episode Discussions in a very news Filled Show

.Sigourney Weaver’s replacement in the Alien prequels?
.Novels to continue SGA storylines
.Clint Eastwood as Superman or James Bond? ‘It could have happened,’ he says
.Torchwood Writer reveals the reasons why Ianto Jones had to die
.Is Spider-Man Considering Hilary Duff for Gwen Stacy?
.Halo’: the care and feeding of a franchise
.Jonathan Frakes On Enterprise Finale: Not Our Finest Hour
.Star Trek Turns 44
.Sci- Fi Legend Kevin McCarthy pass away