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7/26/12 – Indiana Jones, Retired.

A nasty storm hit the EFP Command center.
But no worries, we are still here.
But what has me worried is that
We may never see Indiana Jones ever again!
Its time for another Midweek EFP

Stories covered this week:

Odds of Indy 5 are not good.
Thor 2 underground?
Hathaway could return as Catwoman.
Rorschach training Robocop?
An Avenger in Robopocalypse?
Docter Who legend passes away.



4/5/12 – Nightmare on Reboot Street


This Weeks Midweek Elite Force Podcast Has
Chuck W Taking a Trip the Nightmare on Reboot
Street as on This Weeks Midweek EFP Chuck W
Returned As He Look at What is Going On This
Midweek in The News In the World of Sci-Fi.

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Why the new reboot of The Mummy might be better than you think
.Robert Englund talks the Freddy Krueger prequel that never was
.How long before we find a habitable planet? Scientists say 2 years
.Brannagh Could Direct Next Jack Ryan Movie
.”Carrie” Reboot Could Be Close To Casting
.Hero who inspired Indiana Jones getting own high-adventure TV show
.Michael Bay’s production company taking on Halloween sequel?
.Chuck reads a listener e-mail and in that e-mail he is challenged to
come up with the names of different directors that he would have liked
to have seen direct the Halloween reboot instead of Rob Zombie. While
constructing this list he discovers an unprecedented 7th story that
leaves him a little speechless.

The Nightmare of Reboots is Coming on
TheThe Latest Episode of The Midweek
Elite Force Podcast